Style Lounge

What Is a Style Lounge?

Style Lounge gives its clients the opportunity to put their products in the hands of celebrities, and therefore their clients will get the opportunity to be one-on-one with them to inform the celebrities about their product and capture photos of them with your product that can be used for promotional and marketing purposes. The top Hollywood product placement companies witch one produce Gifting Suits will work with clients in order to maximize this marketing opportunity for them, annually in anticipation of major award shows (Golden Globe Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Oscar Awards, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Teen Choice Awards), High quality Gifting Suites with luxury and décor to make an environment comfortable and cozy for their clients and celebrities. These events have successfully helped launch new lines, rehabilitate old products, and keep healthy brands ahead of the competition through our event-driven product placement. The Style lounge provides companies with a unique opportunity to network and forge personal connections.

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One of the Style Lounge`s greatest benefits is the opportunity to capture photos of celebrities with your product. There are innumerable advantages to securing these images; ranging from helping to garner editorial coverage to pitching targeted press outlets; from usage in sales, trade shows and showrooms, to usage on your website. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to obtain multiple celebrity endorsers of your product – a crucial part of any company’s branding strategy.

Each Style Lounge has in-house photographers to capture photos of celebrities with your product. They trust only the best photography with the task of securing images for your company and ourselves. Photographers are industry veterans and are today`s top providers of celebrity and event photography for the entertainment, music, and fashion industries. All of the nation’s entertainment, teen, and fashion photo editors consistently publish photos on a daily basis. Each sponsor will have the option of purchasing complete or individual pictures, directly through an internet link for future marketing purposes.

This one day event will generate syndicated coverage on the top entertainment TV shows and local news – ranging from Extra, MSNBC to KTLA, Young Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, E! News Live, Fox. There will be placement of photos in popular weekly and long-lead magazines including Life & Style, US Weekly Star, Ok, Daily Variety, People, In Touch, LA Confidential, 944, Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, Angeleno, Item , Apparel News, FWD, & WWD. We also consistently receive write-ups on on-line forums such as Daily Candy, E! Online, & Tip Jar.

The top Award Events companies produce Gifting Suites in Hollywood where your representatives can interact with influential people and promote your products and services in impeccable style are not an event focused on blind gift bag giveaways. It will give you the opportunity you and your company need to have personal interactions and connections with celebrities and their stylists, while gaining direct contacts for the future. Goal is not just to generate coverage or build a unique Style Lounge Gifting Suite, but to create new opportunities for clients to interact with the celebrities in order to improve brand awareness. The renowned gift lounges are known for the quality of top name brand products acquired during the event of high-profile celebrities. Your brand can gain instant popularity, credibility, notoriety and attention that only personal celebrity endorsement can achieve. Gifting Suites wide celebrity turnout guarantees that your company`s product will successfully end up in the hands of nominees, actors, musicians, stylists, members of the press, and other VIPs who influence the trends in Hollywood. During the event staff ensures that your company has access to all Style Lounge Attendees.
Photos – clients receive numerous photos with celebrities holding their products, which have been used in a myriad of ways including but not limited to:

  • Magazine/Possible syndicated coverage from shows like E!, Extra, MSNBC, CBS, FOX, Entertainment Tonight , etc.
  • Online Promotion (including company website)
  • Marketing Material
  • In-store Marketing
  • Trade Show Displays
  • Blogs and Other Online Forums incl. Twitter/Facebook
  • Press Releases

In conclusion Style lounge consistently provides sponsors with a high caliber of talent from all industries through them established connections and well known events. They develop the best strategies based on a CLIENTS understanding of your product and through they build and create unique positioning and messages designed to attract and excite the celebrities. They take various measures to secure celebrity attendance at the Style lounge by working closely with talent publicists, managers, agents and directly with the celebrities through them personal contacts. They have a strong reputation in the industry for producing successful, organized, and well-stocked events which keeps celebrity guests anticipating the next Style Lounge. Celebrities not only have the opportunity to promote themselves and their new projects, but they are also introduced to our sponsors and their unique products. Style Lounges are held in private estates which are revamped by interior designers, catered by the hottest L.A. eateries, and offer luxurious spa & beauty treatments. Therefore, celebrities truly enjoy participating in the Style Lounge while supporting and building awareness for our charity benefactors.

Companies believe in giving back, support charitable giving and select a special organization for each event. During each Style Lounge we help to raise awareness and funds for various charitable organizations. Partial proceeds from events go directly to the chosen charity. Companies produce Gifting Suites also donates gift bags to various causes to raise money for a specific charity and guests who attend the event are encouraged to donate as well. Past charities include: City of Hope, Big Brothers Big Sisters, TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS, SPCALA, THE HUMAN SOCIETY, Breast Cancer, Charitybuzz, Operation Smile, African Millennium Foundation, VeniceArts.

In addition to the sponsorship fee, each sponsor enterprise provides a range of products, services, gift certificates, travel vouchers, et cetera, which may also include gift configurations or gift packages. These are gifts which represent brands, products and services you would like to promote during The Events Celebrity Gifting Suite event. These pieces should be your trademark products (or bundles of products and services) you want to showcase and to serve as a representation of your company. Company executives will work with you and your associates to determine the most desirable and most effective product and service gift-pieces (gift configurations or gift packages) for inclusion in The Award Events Celebrity Gifting Suite.

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