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Red Carpet Events PR is a Los Angeles based firm that specializes in product placement, publicity, branding, celebrity outreach, entertainment marketing. Established in 2007, Red Carpet Events PR has become known for its unique approach to aligning the entertainment world with the fashion and lifestyle industries, and has an in-house art department to maintain creativity and quality control over all projects. Red Carpet Events PR will help start conversation with the right people at the right time with the right message. The team of experts is ready to deliver your message to the masses and help increase sales! Impacting the consumers, inspiring them to share their experience and your story with others, work closely as a team with clients to deliver targeted, comprehensive and highly effective PR and marketing campaigns, which in turn heightens consumer awareness and trade recognition.

Red Carpet Events PR handles retainer and project-based clients for Consumer, Lifestyle, Fashion and Entertainment brands. At Red Carpet Events PR doesn’t just push products, but tells stories. We create innovative, attention-grabbing news angles that get our clients booked in high-profile print publications, on television and radio, in industry trades and in new media. Through our strong relationship with key editors in print, online, and electronic media, we are able to strategically place fashion and lifestyle publications, trade and business publications and electronic and new media. Red Carpet Events PR gets clients’ products in the hands of celebrities to merit national media coverage through celebrity gifting suites at events like the Golden Globe Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Oscar Awards, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Teen Choice Awards in Hollywood.

Red Carpet Events PR maintains a database of celebrity contacts including actors, models, directors, producers, writers, athletes and musicians. Through our close contacts with either the celebrity or their representatives, we create buzz and garner press coverage.

Red carpet Events PR work closely with the top Hollywood product placement companies which one produces Gifting Suits. These events not only allow companies to directly gift celebrities, but also capture photos of them with the product for promotional and marketing purposes. Through these effective and event-driven product placements, these events have successfully helped launch new lines, rehabilitate old products, and propel healthy brands ahead of the competition, consistently, for the past years.

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He's the exact opposite of the hero. And most times they're friends, like you and me! I should've known way back when... You know why?

Red Carpet Events Public Relations Produces effective results by combining strategic creativity, thorough market research, expertise, and personal contacts to deliver unmatched and well-developed marketing and publicity services. Some of our services included below provide maximum impact and results to best build your presence and brand reputation:

• Direct Response Marketing
• Hispanic Marketing
• SEO Press Releases
• Social Media
• Brand Consultation
• PR Stunts

• Consumer promotions
• Integrated marketing programs
• Event planning
• Blog Creation and Maintenance
• Website Copy
• Advertisement Copywriting

Red Carpet Events Public Relations takes your company goals, and garners attention by building a customized campaign to deliver results.Our team develops current newsworthy issues relevant to your product or service with effective detail management, creates media interest and delivers your message to the masses, creating a demand from your target demographic.
You tell us what services you need and Red Carpet Events PR packages and produces highly effective results using the following techniques:


• News Releases and Pitch Letters
• Media Outreach with a Bilingual Option
• Interview Coordination
• Bylined Articles and White Papers
• Case Studies and Success Stories
• Press Conferences
• Electronic Media Kit Development
• Publicity
• Photo Production
• Online Reporting & Tracking Management
• Online Reputation Management
• Organic SEO Tracking
• Product Placement
• Celebrity Endorsement & Gifting Events
• Grass Roots PR Events
• Media Tours
• Media Background Research
• Competitive Analysis Reports
• Media List Creation & Management
• Clip Tracking, Management & Reporting
• Media Training Clinics
Post-Interview Feedback

Red Carpet Events PR has access to the managers of A-list, B-list, and C-list celebrities, trendsetters, and the early adopters at the pinnacle of pop-culture, to their top-tier agents, managers, and publicists, providing the effortless opportunity to align companies with celebrities who can become part of your marketing, advertising and PR campaign. Celebrity-driven editorial placement leads to the success of a brand in today`s competitive market. Consumers are far more apt to take notice of a brand when it bears that coveted celebrity co-sign.

At Red Carpet Events PR, not only do we fully understand this concept but we make the stars align on a daily basis. We target the most appropriate personalities to communicate your objectives. Aligning our product placement expertise with our public relations division has not only set us apart from the others but has established our name and niche in the industry. At Red Carpet Events PR, it is our personal relationship with tastemakers in the music, fashion, film and television, sports and art industries that ensures their loyalty.

With the exceptional personal connections we have within the entertainment industry, Red Carpet Events PR is known for our ability to secure high-profile talent for events, showcases, venue openings or any other event. From hosts to live music performances, we can handle all talent at your event and make all necessary arrangements to grant your brand the best possible level of exposure.

Red Carpet Events PR, our Company is able to offer you a full service campaign at a cost that fits your company’s budget. We will work with you to design an affordable plan to benefit your current company marketing plans. What sets us apart from other public relations firms companies is the use of non-traditional publicity campaigns. We work until the job is done and we tirelessly campaign for your visibility in the press. In addition to our marketing know-how,Red Carpet Events PR has relationships with contacts in a plethora of media types including short and long lead print, broadcast, online, and new media, and understands how to uniquely position brands in a way that garners attention from these individuals.

Red Carpet Events PR has direct celebrity and taste maker relationships, distinctive sponsorship opportunities, promotions in the form of unique mailings, one-of-a-kind special events, and strategic product placement tactics from the essence of our PR support.

For a fraction of the cost of advertising, PR events can generate buzz and media attention for your product, service, or event. Do you need a street team to let a particular demographic know about an upcoming event? Do you want feedback from your target demographic via a sampling campaign as you launch a new product?

How about a quirky stunt to get national media to cover your message? Our outside the box thinking can help you creatively deliver your message to literally millions of consumers via mainstream media.

With years of combined experience planning any and every type of event, the Red Carpet Events PR team is an asset when it comes to event planning and execution. Capable of everything from pre-planning to day-of execution and post-event follow up, Red Carpet Events PR accompanies clients every step of the way to ensure that all press, logistics and attendance (if need be) are handled accordingly to make for flawless events.

When getting consumers to relate to brands on a global scale, we run into one of our most interesting challenges of all: trying to find actors that aren’t acting. With nearly 17 combined years of expertise managing Hollywood relationships, Red Carpet Events LA is skilled at navigating the integration of celebrities with brands and issues. We understand the challenge of finding celebrities that resonate with your cause or issue in an authentic and credible way. We also excel at maximizing exposure by developing the most impactful program, while capitalizing on the celebrity’s brand and network.


• Spokesperson Identification and Negotiation
• Program Development
• Celebrity Events
• Media Relations
• Content Integration
• Risk Management and Mitigation

Social Media – you know you need to do it but how, why, where? All good questions and no one answer. What started just a few years ago as the Wild West of the Internet has now become the preferred choice of communication for many companies, reporters, celebrities and the global online population. But how does it impact PR? Is it really necessary for your brand? How committed are you to diving into the deep-end of the social media pool?

At Red Carpet Events PR, we approach social media as we do with traditional PR. There is no social media silver bullet; what works for President Obama, Nike, or Samsung may not work for you. And despite what the bigger agencies may say, there is no cookie-cutter template for how you should do social media. We’ve helped companies for the past several years embrace social media and adopt best practices that fit their brand, culture, and willingness to participate. We can do the same for you.

A crucial part of any public relations campaign, content development is something that Red Carpet Events PR does on a daily basis, whether in the form of press materials, website content, marketing materials verbiage, and even actual articles. Further, our firm also goes through all existing content to ensure that a brand’s key messaging is portrayed accurately throughout all its platforms and materials.

While not the main focus of the agency’s PR campaigns, over the years Red Carpet Events PR has developed a long list of connections that make celebrity seeding and outreach not just possible, but successful. Many times celebrity seeding can be tricky as the target audience is one that is used to receiving free products/ services. Taking a different approach, Red Carpet Events PR utilizes already existing relationships that ensure delivery of our clients goods to the desired party. In addition, our PR agency is also very careful, strategic, and logical when it comes to selecting recipients of any seeding outreach, eliminating every possibility for mistakes and taking every precaution to guarantee a good investment on the part of our clients.

Two media components with undeniable reach and a flair for fun, Red Carpet Events PR has a wide array of radio and TV contacts and utilizes them for everything from client segments, to product features and even promotions/giveaways. Perfect for target/ region-specific outreach as well as nationally broadcasted media placements, Red Carpet Events PR is able to take a brand to the next level through radio and TV placements that result in instant web traffic/sales.

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